Recom Properties will be able to assist you in letting/renting and selling your residential or commercial property, as well as sourcing the best possible land/s for your development needs.

Our relationship with the Embassies and International Organizations such as United Nation, European Union, World Bank, International Labor Organizations, African Development Bank etc. is our promise to you that will be able to let/to rent your property to the quality client at the shortest time period from the date of listing your property by us.

Our network and broad database will give us instant chance to get right client/s in order to sell your property.

Recom Properties is playing a great role in residential and commercial developments. We will be next to you from the time of sourcing the land until the time that transfer will take a place of selling your development completely. We are playing an important role in the process of rezoning of your property and initially will provide you a full report from the Town Planner that shows zoning rights will be supported by the City Council. We will help you to make a right decision by working in conjunction with your architect on what type of units to be built according to the current market requirements, also what kind of finishes to use for inside of the units as well as approaching you with the full marketing proposal in order to sell your units utmost efficient time and value.